Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Setting Apart

June 20, 2017 

Today was one of those special days that literally comes once in a lifetime. Joanne and I were set apart today in Elder Dale G. Renlund’s office. We picked up Anna Rose from her work and then traveled to Elder Renlund’s Office. We were greeted at the elevator by his administrative assistant Becki who took us to his office. 

Elder J. Devn Cornish was there in the outer office, and Becki ushered us in and told us where to sit. We had a great catch-up conversation with Elder Cornish about his family when Elder Renlund came in. He greeted us warmly and then asked, “How did you receive your call?” We told him the process. 

Back row: Elder Cornish and Elder Renlund. Front row: Anna Rose, Darrel, and Joanne

Then, he said, “Let me tell you from my perspective because I was there.” He then proceeded to tell us that the Twelve met in the upper room of the SLC Temple and discussed the names of men whose names had been forwarded to serve as mission presidents. He said it was a unanimous vote, and then the names were presented to the First Presidency. He bore his testimony that we had been called of God. Joanne and I listened with tears in our eyes. 

After explaining how the setting apart would go, Elder Renlund set me apart as Mission President, and Elder Cornish set apart Joanne as a full-time missionary and companion to me. Elder Cornish was one of the Caribbean Area Presidents when we served in the Caribbean Area Welfare Office.

What an incredible experience to be in the presence of an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ in this dispensation, one we shall never forget!


  1. Having the Elder Cornish over there. Wow that is a blessing. I always will remember him. He released me from my mission when he was a mission president in Santiago Mission in the Dominican Republic. I wish you all the best to you president and sister Hammon.

    1. Claribel, I remember you telling me that Elder Cornish released you. What a blessing!

  2. This is my E-mail.

    I am Brandy Lopez's mom and would love to hear about your mission . You are a very special couple

    Myrna Newman Williams

  3. I know that you and your beautiful wife were called by God. And I know that he will bless your mission.